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Integrating eCard Widget with my Shopify Store
Integrating eCard Widget with my Shopify Store

How does it work? How do I add it to my store?

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Yes, we have a Shopify app! We’ve provided a video demo, along with instructions for attaching it to a product for purchase or adding it to a public page to be shared by your website visitors for free.

How to try out the live demo:

  1. Visit the demo store

  2. Go to products

  3. Buy the demo ecard product

  4. Enter number 1 in the credit card number form and whatever for the rest of the fields

  5. Then click submit

  6. On the order confirmation page you will be able to send the ecard

How to attach eCards to your Products:

How to attach eCard Widget to your Shopify product so be sent after purchase

Just attach the ecard or ecards to your product to show up for on the Shopify Order Confirmation page. Then click save.


After purchase eCard Widget will be displayed like this:


Let’s get started by following this guide

NOTE: If you get stuck or have any questions. Please reach out, we are happy to answer questions and help you install the app on your store.

These instructions will show you how to add an ecard to your Shopify store pages using an embed code. Once you get this app installed, we’re going to create an ecard, and then we’re going to add it to your Shopify store. It’s a very quick and easy process.

Step 1. Login and create your eCard Widget

After you’ve installed the app, you need to Register or Login before you will be able to create your ecard.

Step 2. Design your ecard and then save and preview it

After logging in you will land on the ecard creation page where you can make your very first card.

Just upload your ecard image.

Let’s go ahead and click Save and preview. Bam! You just made your first ecard.

Step 3. On the preview page, get the embed code or attach to your product

Your ecard has been created, it’s ready to go to be published. Right now it’s not published, it’s only available to us in your dashboard. But to publish it to your Shopify Store you have 2 options. You can attach it to your product using the product selection box or you can copy and paste the html embed code to pages within your store:

To get do this, click the “Add to Shopify” tab in the preview modal.

  1. If you want the widget to show up after your product is purchased, then use the product search to find and attach it to your products and click save. You’re done. Go try it out on your store by purchasing the product, you will be able to send the ecard from the order confirmation/thank you page after checkout.

  2. Or to add it to your pages on your store, copy the HTML Code from the textarea, we’ll need it shortly. And this tab gives us the embed code, which we’re going to paste into Shopify as custom HTML block, there’s a section you can add that allows you to paste HTML.

Step 4. Add your new ecard to your Shopify Homepage

Adding eCard Widget using Shopify’s page builder requires a few extra steps so we put together a special video guide to make it easy to setup.

Step 5. Add the ecard to your Shopify Pages, Blog Posts, and Product Pages

You can follow the video guide for this as well or just follow these simple instructions:

We’ve added it to your theme to the homepage. But if you wanted to add it to a blog post or a page, it’s a similar process. Let’s just go ahead and add it to a page. On the page, you have an editor, it’s the same thing on blog posts. And there’s a little button “<>” that says “Show HTML”. Click on it and paste the HTML embed code you copied earlier. Go ahead and click save and now go view your page, make sure that the ecard showing up.

You can use the same instructions to add the ecard to blog posts and product pages too.

Step 6. That’s it! Visitors will now be able to view and send the ecard from your website

We hope you enjoy using ecard widget creating tons of amazing ecards sending them to all your friends.

If you have any questions we’re available. We want to do whatever it takes to to make you guys happy and help this be a good experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Can customers send e-cards to multiple recipients with eCardWidget?
    A: In pre-checkout mode, customers can send an e-card to one recipient. In post-purchase mode, you can set a limit on the number of recipients or allow unlimited sending, depending on your preference.

  2. Q: Do customers own the e-cards they purchase, and can they resend the cards at a later date?
    A: Customers do not own the e-cards in their collection but can resend the e-card to the allowed number of recipients at a later date.

  3. Q: How does the email limit in the pricing guide work?
    A: The email limit refers to the total number of emails sent using the widget, not the number of e-cards sold. For example, in the free plan with a limit of 15 emails per month, if a customer sends an e-card to 15 recipients, it would reach the maximum for your account and emails would be disabled until the next month.

  4. Q: Is it possible to set up a single product page for a card design with both pre-checkout and post-purchase options as variants?
    A: Currently, eCardWidget does not support setting up both options as variants within a single product page. However, you can enable both pre-checkout and post-purchase modes simultaneously, and customers can use either or both features depending on their needs.

  5. Q: If a customer purchases a card with a maximum of 25 sends, can they come back and send more after reaching the limit?
    A: Yes, once a customer reaches the sending limit, it will reset the next day, allowing them to come back and send more. This is because the browser session used to track sends resets each day.

  6. Q: How can customers access the e-card sending page again?
    A: Customers can access the sending page again by using the link provided in their original confirmation email. It’s not necessary for them to have a website account, as the link will grant them access to the widget on the confirmation page.

  7. Q: How does eCardWidget work, and how can I add it to my store?
    A: eCardWidget offers a Shopify app that allows you to create and offer e-cards on your store. It can be added to a product for purchase or to a public page for free sharing by your website visitors. To get started, follow the provided video demo and instructions.

  8. Q: Is there a live demo available for eCardWidget?
    A: Yes, you can try the live demo by visiting the demo store, purchasing the demo e-card product, and entering the required details in the payment form. You can then send the e-card from the order confirmation page.

  9. Q: How do I attach eCards to my Shopify products?
    A: You can attach eCards to your Shopify products by selecting the product and attaching the eCard on the eCard creation page. Then click save. After purchase, the eCard Widget will be displayed on the order confirmation page.

  10. Q: How do I create an eCard and add it to my Shopify store?
    A: After installing the app, register or log in, then create your eCard by uploading an image and saving it. You can then attach it to your product or use the provided HTML embed code to add it to your store’s pages.

  11. Q: How do I add eCards to my Shopify homepage, pages, blog posts, and product pages?
    A: You can add eCards to your homepage using Shopify’s page builder by following the special video guide. For adding eCards to other pages, blog posts, or product pages, click the “<>” button to show the HTML editor, paste the copied HTML embed code, and save.

  12. Q: Will visitors be able to view and send eCards from my website?
    A: Yes, once you have added eCards to your website, visitors can view and send them directly from your store. If you need any assistance or have questions, the eCardWidget support team is available to help.

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