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How eCardWidget prevents and reduces spam
How eCardWidget prevents and reduces spam

Our Proactive Approach to Email Deliverability

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Understanding The Email Delivery Chain

Sent an email but not sure how it gets from your mailbox to the recipient? Let's break down how emails are delivered once you click the "send" button.

We have a chain of delivery that is meant to ensure (as much as possible) that emails are delivered. When an email is sent, we attempt to send through a service called Postmark, they are the leading email sending service in the industry. If they are unable to deliver the email, then we fall back to Sendgrid which is another leading email deliverer.

In addition to using the best and most reliable email services, our email template is simple and optimized to satisfy the majority of spam filters.


To guarantee the delivery of your emails, we rely on the services provided by Postmark. Postmark is one of the leading email delivery services out there and is used by a variety of businesses. Because of Postmark’s excellent reputation in the industry, our emails go through the Postmark servers first to ensure quick and secure delivery.


In the unlikely event that Postmark is unable to deliver the email, our emails are then sent through SendGrid. SendGrid is another well-regarded email delivery service with a strong reputation in the industry. Its servers are constantly monitored and are regularly updated to ensure that all emails sent through its servers reach their intended targets.


Our email delivery chain ensures that emails sent through our platform will reach their intended targets. Our reliance on Postmark and SendGrid allows us to provide our customers with a safe, reliable, and secure email delivery system.

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