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Frequently Asked Questions
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Storing and Securing Email Addresses on eCardWidgetDo you store email addresses? How do you secure the data?
How eCardWidget prevents and reduces spamOur Proactive Approach to Email Deliverability
Adding an RSVP to Your eCard InvitationLearn how to include an RSVP option in your eCard invitations by using text instructions or Google Forms
Setting Up a Custom Vanity Email Address with eCardCustom Vanity Sender Email Address
Using the Public Page Feature in eCard WidgetShare eCards Without a Website
eCard Widget Affiliate ProgramDo you offer an affiliate program?
Embedding Your eCard WidgetA Step-by-Step Guide
Are recipients able to opt out of receiving ecards?
Understanding Your eCard Widget StatisticsWhat Do Widget Views, Email Opens, and Social Shares Mean?
What are the max ecard image dimensions?Understanding Maximum Image Dimensions for eCard Customization
Resolving Share Preview Issues on Facebook and Other Social NetworksTroubleshooting Share Previews on Facebook, and other Social Media Platforms
Tracking eCard sender and recipient email addresses sent through the widgetMonitoring Sender and Recipient Email Activity for eCards Sent via the Widget
Is there an option to send an Ecard to more than one email or social media platform recipient at a time?How to Send an Ecard to Multiple Recipients
Integrating eCardWidget with Membership or Subscription ModelsImplementing eCard Widget with Membership and Subscription Models for a Customized User Experience
Is it possible to embed a video in the eCard Template?Exploring Video Integration Options within eCard Templates