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Wordpress how to embed eCard Widget using "WP eCards" Plugin
Wordpress how to embed eCard Widget using "WP eCards" Plugin
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Here's a step-by-step guide for how to embed Widget using WP eCards Plugin

  1. Login to WordPress:

    • Navigate to your WordPress website URL followed by /wp-admin (e.g.,

    • Enter your Username and Password.

    • Click the Log In button.

  2. Navigate to Plugins:

    • Once logged in, you'll be directed to the WordPress Dashboard.

    • Look for the Plugins option on the left sidebar menu and click on it.

  3. Search for the Plugin:

    • At the top of the Plugins page, click the Add New button.

    • In the Search Plugins box (usually on the right), type in "WP eCards".

  4. Install the Plugin:

    • Find the "WP eCards" plugin in the search results.

    • Click on the Install Now button associated with the plugin.

    • Once installed, the button will change to Activate. Click it to activate the plugin.

  5. Get the Shortcode from eCardWidget:

    • Open a new browser tab and go to the eCardWidget Widget Editor.

    • Navigate to the Share tab.

    • Find the shortcode (usually it looks something like [ecardwidget ...]), and copy it to your clipboard.

  6. Edit a Page on WordPress:

    • Go back to your WordPress Dashboard in the original browser tab.

    • On the left sidebar menu, hover over Pages and click on All Pages.

    • Locate the page you wish to add the eCardWidget to and click the Edit link beneath its title.

  7. Insert the Shortcode:

    • In the WordPress editor, position your cursor where you want the eCardWidget to appear.

    • Paste the shortcode you copied earlier (Ctrl+V or right-click and select Paste).

    • Make sure the shortcode looks correct and is not broken up or altered by any formatting.

  8. Publish/Update the Page:

    • Once the shortcode is in place, click the Update or Publish button on the right side of the page to save your changes.

  9. View the Page:

    • You can now visit the page on your website to see the eCardWidget in action!

That's it! Your eCardWidget should now be successfully embedded in your WordPress page.

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