Embedding Your eCard Widget

A Step-by-Step Guide

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eCard Widget's Embed feature allows you to seamlessly integrate your eCard Widget into your website, providing an interactive experience for your visitors. This knowledge base article will guide you through the process of embedding your eCard Widget, ensuring a smooth and effortless setup.

Step 1: Create and Customize Your eCard Widget

Before embedding the eCard Widget, ensure that you have created and customized it to suit your preferences. Navigate to the Widget Editor in the admin dashboard and adjust settings such as theme, accent color, and appearance options.

Step 2: Generate the Embed Code

Once your eCard Widget is ready, go to the "Preview & Share" section of the admin dashboard. Here, you will find the automatically generated embed code for your widget. Click the "Copy" button to copy the embed code to your clipboard.

Step 3: Insert the Embed Code into Your Website

Access your website's content management system or HTML editor, and navigate to the page where you want the eCard Widget to appear. Paste the copied embed code into the appropriate location within the HTML of the page.

Note: The exact process for embedding the code may vary depending on your website's platform or builder. Consult the documentation or help resources of your specific platform for guidance.

Step 4: Save and Publish Your Changes

After inserting the embed code, save and publish the changes to your website. The eCard Widget should now be visible on the designated page.

Step 5: Test the eCard Widget (Optional)

Visit the page where you embedded the eCard Widget to ensure it is functioning correctly. Test the widget by interacting with it, selecting an eCard, and filling out the form. Address any issues that arise, and make necessary adjustments to the widget settings in the Widget Editor.

Step 6: Monitor Engagement and Performance

Keep track of your eCard Widget's performance and engagement by reviewing the statistics available in the "Stats & Email" section of the admin dashboard. Use this data to optimize your eCard campaigns and improve user engagement.


Embedding your eCard Widget into your website is a simple and effective way to provide an interactive experience for your visitors. By following this step-by-step guide, you can ensure a successful integration and maximize the potential of your eCard campaigns.

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