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Configuring a Custom Domain for Whitelabel Support
Configuring a Custom Domain for Whitelabel Support

Custom Domain for Sending Emails and Widgets

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Currently when a recipient receives an email they will see that it is from the sender’s name, ie Bob. However, the email displayed will show [email protected]. To customize the email domain, you can change it to use your own custom domain, ie [email protected]. To do this, simply login to and add your custom email domain in your settings. If you need help, click here for complete instructions.

Custom Domain for the Widget, Ecard Page, and “View in Browser” Email Link

When a recipient receives an email from you, we provide a link for them to view the ecard on our website incase they can’t view it in their email client. Because we host the ecard, it uses our domain To customize your domain, you can set it to your own. So, your ecard URL would look something like this: To do this, you must be familiar with managing domains and DNS settings.

Instructions to Setup a Custom Domain

To setup follow these instructions:

1. First, login to your domain registrar account and go to the DNS management area.

2. Add a new CNAME record.

3. Set the CNAME Name to your subdomain. For instance, if you your custom domain is, you would set the CNAME Name to: “ecards”.

4. Set the CNAME Value to:

5. Save your name CNAME record. Note: It may take time for your new record to propagate.

6. Login to your account at and go to account settings and set your “Custom domain” and click Save.7. Now you test it out by sending an ecard and checking the URLs.⛔️ Warning: If your DNS isn’t configured correctly, the widget and “View in Browser” link will be broken for recipients.

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