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Setting Up a Custom Vanity Email Address with eCard
Setting Up a Custom Vanity Email Address with eCard

Custom Vanity Sender Email Address

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By default, eCard Widget uses [email protected] as the sender's email address. However, you can change this to better match your brand, such as [email protected]. This article explains how to set up a custom vanity email address using or for email delivery.

Note: When recipients reply to an email sent from your custom vanity email address, the response will be directed to the original sender's email address, not your vanity email address.

Step 1: Access the Settings

To begin, log in to your eCard Widget account and click "Settings" in the main left nav. From the dropdown options, select "Whitelabel Email".

Step 2: Set Your Vanity Email Address

In the vanity email form, enter your desired "Vanity Sending Email Address", and click "Save." Upon saving, the required DNS records for verification will be displayed.

Step 3: Verify Domain Ownership

To use your custom email address with our email service providers, and, you must first verify domain ownership by updating your DNS records. Incorporate the supplied DNS records into your domain's DNS configuration.

Step 4: Confirm DNS Status

After updating your DNS records, ensure that your DNS status is "Verified" within eCard Widget's Settings. This confirmation indicates that your custom vanity email address is ready for use.


Setting up a custom vanity email address with eCard Widget helps you maintain a consistent brand identity across all communications. By following these steps, you can easily configure and verify your custom email address for a seamless email delivery experience.

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